About us

Interpharma Services operates Mycrobiology and Chemical Laboratories in Sofia, Bulgaria. The Location close to the International airport gives the advantage of fast logistics processing of samples and documents.

The premises and equipment meet the highest cGMP standards, offering the right environment and security for most demanding analytical applications.

  • Interpharma Services personnel covers a wide range of professional and managerial competencies based on education and experience as per EU GMP requirements:
  • Chemical and Microbiological Pharmaceutical analyses
  • Quality Assurance and Quality Control
  • Legal and regulatory services including EU import  
  • Warehousing of pharmaceuticals and food supplements
  • Design, construction and development of Pharmaceutical Sites
  • Business development and planning in Pharma Production

Our focus is to ensure flexible and on-time support to our partners in their Quality Control and Batch Release responsibilities and activities.

Interpharma Services goal is to meet the requirements of:

  • Producers from Non EU Countries who sell their products in Europe
  • EU Producers without own laboratories
  • EU Producers importing raw materials from Non EU Countries
  • MA Holders importing finished products from Non EU Countries
  • Partners requiring additional laboratory and release capacities
  • Partners planning to optimize  costs and services